Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Technology for everything-from polluting to depolluting

It is the duty of man and the society to protect its ecological balance. We have come across many reports of people taking laws into their hands and acting as they wish. Yes, exploitation was and is the motto of the self centered man. Man, through ages learned to harness energy for his needs, from a simple lever system to complex gear systems to even more complex micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) that can convert one form of energy to another. Inventions of electricity, the telephone, radio, steam engine etc have steered the economic growth and subsequent prosperity of nations and societies. however, the concentration of this development, was ironically confined to nations who fought each other for power and resources. most of modern day electronics technologies are invented during the two great world wars. And still, man yearned for more power and hence dawned the nuclear age......preceding all the ages: namely ice age, stone age, iron age and copper age. Now is the turn of the new 'Nano revolution'. Nano-meaning one billionth of any measurable quantity, is the new buzz word among academia and industrialists alike. this technology, Nanotechnology, has taken root at the last century itself-measuring of the nano second and nano second precise devices. Now, it is more pertainent to nano meter. This big technology encompasses all disciplines of science. Scientists are leveraging on this technology for finding solutions to the ever increasing complex problems and issues of this globalized society- from health care, cosmetics, space science, automotive and depollutants in water treatment, air purifying, restoring of the ozone layer and what not-everything that man has exploited from the nature.  
After a long over haul of the Earth's ecosystem and stressing it to the core for many decades, man has thought of giving something back to mother nature........sustainable living. And he goes on to explain it as a eco friendly practice as if he is maintaining the eco-system from his birth. In future, there will be hundreds of words coined for describing this concept of saving nature. So, what is the use of saving it if he already destroyed it himself? The answer is, the nature has started responding to our deeds in unpleasant ways for us. And for hopefully stopping such un-pleasentries in future, man need to give a support to nature for its balancing act. So, in a nut shell, man is doing everything for his needs and welfare and not for the preservation of nature. Scientists do extraordinary research and publish their work in NATURE journal; actually they fail to see the science of the nature itself! So, what is that we gain in long range by killing our co-beings?? By long range, I mean a few generations. Again man is forgetting that he are betraying their grand children of at least the basic necessities of potable water and pure air. It will go into book chapters if I go on describing the wishful doings of humanity and its impact on nature. As a final remark, I would like to tell everybody who read this article that we should remind of ourselves that whatever we do in thought, deeds and actions, we should take the natural needs of the nature and ourselves. It is the most healthiest way of living by adopting natural practices and following nature closely. Ayurveda is a great science developed by our forefathers that has natural medications for every disease we have now. We should be ready to spend some time for our nature thoughts also. Let the brain ponder on the realities and let the heart tell the way forward...A hearty natural for everybody..............   

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