Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simple ways to save on electricity bills.......

1. Use solar inverters in houses.
2. Buy an electric scooter and charge with solar inverer - free charging!!! only initial costs involved
3. Cook with electric cooker - power from solar inverter.
4. Use solar gyesers  - power from solar inverter.
5. Only Fridge, Washing machine, Oven and AC take power from the EB.
6. Use LCD/LED TV - low power and can be connected to solar inverter.
7. Use laptop/ PC with LCD monitor - connect to solar inverter
8. Use wind mills/solar power to take water to overhead tank.
9. So, 80% of power in houses is free. Why are we not using it??
10. Lastly, think of building an electric car....with low costs......a mechanical engineering based car is on the way to market that consumes no pertol/diesel at all. Moreover, Hybrid petrol/electric cars are already in markets. But they are very costly (3-10 times compared to conventional cars).

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