Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A city's transportation woes-Post from Skyscrapercity Forum

A city cannot have so many ring roads, esp. in India!!!!

A ring road is a Rd. that is surrounding the city and provides free flow of traffic so that anyone can go anywhere in the city fast and quickly. Such roads are in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.

Does the inner RRs provide these?? - No. then they cannot be called as ring roads simply because they are round!!

The ORR must provide at least 4/6 lanes and must be at least 30 m wide to accommodate large volumes of traffic. It also must have minimum no. of traffic signals. Underpasses/ flyovers need to be constructed wherever needed. Are they going to do all these??

Its high time that we have such a ORR as large volumes of traffic 'll originate from the proposed new projects as well as the residential flats that are sprouting in the suburbs. Also, such a RR, when complete, must have provisions for BRTS operations. Of couse, large real estate activity 'll happen around the areas covered by the RR which means more traffic.
A realistic approach is needed to construct such a futuristic road as the area and population density projections need to be known.

As far as funds are considered, we have more than enough funds for such projects.

Then do you think that a road like the MG rd. will suffice as an ORR??

If so, it must be the most disastrous thing. Place is a constraint. But scientific planning can give way to ideal solutions. for, that we people should change our age old attitude and think logically and broadly. Then only things will happen in the state of its art. This is the thing we should learn from the West.

if the ORR is not implemented in the right way, the vizhijam port traffic of trucks and containers will move in which way????
See, for example the present situation of the Chennai port road connectivity issues..... due to lack of good road, the port is making losses in crores!!!!

So, it is important to see the future needs and work for it rather than constructing roads for yesterday's traffic demands.

Try to see the facts as it is w/o any prejudice or bias.
Do you think that Trivandrum can become a metro w/o a good mass transport system?? Already the TVM U/A has a population of around 1.6 mn. This figure is surely enough to start a BRTS or Tram service in the city.

Trams are preferred as they are more cheaper to implement than a BRTS system. they are cleaner by using electricity, can have the same capacity of a BRTS system.

If we have a good international airport, an upcoming seaport, a trans-India railway network, 1.6 to 2mn populace to serve, India's largest IT park and a host of central and state govt offices, why can't we have a Tram system that can serve the public??????????????

Thanks fr your scrutinizing comments.
When planning is done, they do it for the present situations........
I always speak with future in mind.
[/QUOTE]To learn such things, need not go to West or copy the West.Try to implement within our constraints and reality.[/QUOTE]

I'm not telling to waste money and go to west, but to have a better understanding what we really want and get it w/o any compromises.

As of now, the govt don't have any real accountability towards us!!! One of my relatives from US visited India and exclaimed. why people are living by breathing polluted air??? Why are the streams and canals flowing with filth and sewage??? Why don't they demand the govt for what they want???
In US, if such things happen, the people sue the local govt representative!!!!

The reality is, everyone of us feels this. But we are not ready or ashamed of ourselves to demand things from the govt. there is no collective responsibility towards our public needs. Everyone curses the govt. under their breath. but no one raises the voice for the cause.

gone are the days when India has a large population and dont have enough money to maintain it. Now it has surplus money and people are wasting it like anything............

Trams are cheaper than BRTS. But BRTS needs construction of immovable roads which may be of no use in the longer future. More importantly, BRTS consumes fossil fuels and emits polluted gasses. Trams are eco friendly and ideal for conjested places like ours...................
try to understand the science behind what I'm saying and impart it to others if you understand........ Be a proud person and don't sulk for what others do.