Monday, May 30, 2011

Back from Hyderabad......

Hi all, after a lull in research and yoyo in fun, I'm back recharged to troubleshoot the research problems at hand. This time, the trip was a good one in terms of experiences and some not so nicely eye opening facts. The dusty air and the grump of metro buses onto my face has dipped my spirits..........But I traveled a good 150 Kms inside the city in 3 days! The metro buses are low floor and have rear engines. this the worst thing.......Atleast 100 tonnes of Carbon dioxide is released into the air every day in Hyderabad! Add to that the odd 8 million population using ACs, refrigerators, Coolers, etc to add to the Carbon footprint by emitting CFCs. As a whole, I visualize this city as a Carbon producing factory. If this city is like this, we can imagine about Mumbai and Delhi........they are the forefathers of Hyderabad in generating Carbon dioxide........Disastrous..........isn't it? So, can we do something about reducing such carbon emissions?? 

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