Monday, March 28, 2011

Kerala roadways-posted in SSC

[QUOTE=mohammedirshad06;74384325]Kerala cannot simply throw people out like that. Because Malayalees never digest injustice and can take the matter to any level, unlike other people.... Our social parameters are different.

But the issue is that, the process will run so slow that, by the time 45m road gets implemented, it will be for 90 m necessity. So there is no point at all.

I believe, NHAI and Kerala Govt must consider allowing private agencies to Built and Operate a super expressway over proposed 45m road, which can be constructed along with the construction of ground NH.... The super expressway above NH naturally will have width of around 30 m, which can cater a 6 lane bi-carriage way exclusive for light vehicles wishing for a high speed ride with just 8 or 10 exit/entry points

Along with the move, I believe Kerala must consider Hi-speed rails and ferry as alternatives, just how Japan did. As Japan is too densely populated like Kerala, they too forced to consider such options.... A high speed coastal ferry would reduce much of coastal roads pressure.

But I feel we lack quality leadership. I won't say we lack talents, but no talent is strong enough to risk for leadership.

Kerala has its own history of doing things all alone, when denied by Central Govt. The classic example of Cochin-Nilambur Railway Line should a case-study for our current leaders. As when Central Govt of British India denied a railway line for Kerala citing possibility of poor patronage, the Cochin Maharaja sold his personal jewels and temple properties to finance for its own railway line, which now became one of the most congested railway line of Indian railways.....

If our current Kerala rulers follows the actions plans of old Kochi Rajas, surely we could have more facilities than now.....[/QUOTE]

You are absolutely right brother... To have able leaders, we, the people should cultivate a sense of leadership and responsibility first as the leaders are no one but one among us. From ages, societies that are highly civilized, had great leaders....Japan, Germany(now), Canada, US and most of Europe.
But Indians basically lack a sense of pride among themselves. they get carried away by novelties that are not relavant to our cultural traits.....(Vinaasha kaalee vipareeta budhi). For example, if our govt. sets a rule that people should not spit in public places, we seldom do it! But we are forced to obey the same rule elsewhere like Singapore and the likes.
Sri Lanka, Pakisthan, Bangladesh and Nepal are mute followers of India. They are not cultured even up to the Indian mark. Big countries were once upon a time, barren lands. Men called enterprenuers sowed the seeds of plants that gave money and started a new religion called Economy and Market. Our problem is, our assets are oddly distributed among us. That is why basic necessities are not reaching common man and hence, farmers are dying like anything!!!

Is it useful if a leader shouts in a loudskeaker that he will protect the people and plunders them actually??
Or is it not shameful of us to get away from the social responsibilities???

If people are 100% perfect, leader will be 101% perfect. Because, he is the gem of a man among others.

But, we are nowhere near a percent and our leaders are crippled to become 1% perfect.     
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Monday, March 21, 2011

New impetus to Kollam-Trivandrum twin Cities-posted in SSC forum

It is well known that the much awaited MEMU services in the Kolam-Nagarcoil sector is going to take off. This year's budget has aalocated funds for the project. Electrification is almost complete upto Nagarcoil Jn. Now, infrastructure needed to handle extra MEMU rakes is being developed. This include,

1. New MEMU rake shed in Kollam
2. New platforms at all major stations viz. NGCL, Balaramapuram, Nemom, TVC, KCVL, Kazhakuttam, Mangalapuram, Chirayinkeezh, Varkala, Punalur and Kollam is needed
3. Raising of Platform height and length at all minor stations is needed
4. Subways at major stations needed to control flow of MEMU passengers.
5. MEMU rakes of state-of-the-art design should be deployed instead of using old rakes from Chennai/Mumbai MEMU services.
6. Future expansion on the lines of Chennai Metro should be envisioned while planning present MEMU services.
7. All level crossing should be replaced with ROBs or FOBs.

When completed, TVM-KLM section alone will have around 1.5-2 lakh commuters per day and increases at a rate of 30-40% annually upto 2015.

Opening of Vizhinjam port, Technocity, new campus of ISRO(proposed,later) will increase the pax. rate enormously........