Friday, July 1, 2011

Transportation woes of Kerala

hahaha...........the main problem is, we Keralites don't know what we want exactly for a transportation point of view. Earlier, a north - south expressway was mooted. Now, we are locking horns with NHAI to reduce the width or something like that. Also, we thought of a high speed rail link from TVM to Kasargod. Always we talk about things that won't happen really. The truth is, neither we don't know whether to implement as scheme nor we don't know which one is the best.

Always scientific studies are conducted for the project. But the final proposal will be in the favor of bureaucrats only. So, what is that exactly we want for a better transportation?????

The core needs of the project are:

1. non polluting
2. high speed and reliable
3. limited access
4. affordable
5. should carry large volumes of traffic including containers
6. non interruptive and efficient
7. less accident prone
8. least area should be consumed

the probable solutions of the above points are,

1. electric trains are best
2. high speed electric trains (HSET)
3. HSET or a limited access expressway
4. HSET with various types of classes viz. AC, non AC, and general
    Buses are not affordable in Kerala.
5. Again electric trains. they can carry the ultimate amount of containers. Container trucks are not suited to Kerala.
6. Again HSET. expresswayrailwas are not suited to Kerala.
7. HSET. highways in Kerala are famous for accidents.
8. HSET. GoK is in tussle with NHAI for reducing width to 30 m.

So, what is the conclusion??????

A state like Kerala should not waste land and money for a 45m wide highway. let the NHAI decide where to go for 45m and where for 30m with least possible eviction. Then, we can go for a high speed rail link that is tailor made only for Kerala like the case of Air India express. GoK can hold a 45-50% share of a newly formed JV with Indian Railways for running HSETs in the State.
What more, it will be obvious to get a new zonal HQ in Kerala for Kerala!!!!!!

New HSETs can be proposed for running from Nagarcoil in the south to Mangalore in the north covering the two extreme boundaries of Kerala.

Two tracks should be laid in addition to the existing rails in all lines to run the new trains.

The tracks should be like the ones for a metro rail: concreted basement with extra long rails.

All district HQs along with 2 or 3 additional stations in each district should be the boarding and alighting points. Trains can run at an average speed of 90kmph. Top speeds can go up to 120kmph.

the existing NHs can be used for intra district movement and not for long distances. Even if they are NHs, they don't serve the purpose of a NH in Kerala unless we go for a 45-60m wide roads consistently.

Moreover, our economy is highly dependent on oil prices. So, minimum container trucks should ply on the highway.