Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Posted in SSC forum -Where will the green cities go?????

[QUOTE=Tri Man;75518481]With massive urbanisation,the Green cities like Trivandrum,Chandigarh,Nagpur,Mysore,Mangalore... will be in great places to live.This will inturn reflect a healthier living with fresh water and air.
Bangalore,once used to be a Green City.But due to uncontrolled urbanization the city has turned into concrete jungle.[/QUOTE]

But, we need controlled urbanization here. It seems that Kowdiar and Vellayambalam, and even Vazhuthacaud and Sastamangalam are saturated now (means that are aptly utilized) in development. Explosive development like in Bangalore will destroy Trivandrum forever.......its signs have already started now......

Once upon a time, Hyderabad was also greener in par with Bangalore, with gardens, water bodies, lakes, The Moosi river etc......today, everything is eaten by the land sharks (bigwigs in real estate) ......so it is now a city of bleeding hearts people (rather than working class people) from a pensioners paradise.

So, we, the people should decide on the fate of our city.....Do we want to maintain the quote 'Ever green city of India' or Go for a concrete jungle with depleted ground water and temperatures of 40-45 degrees in summer???????????????

Strict lobbying from residents and agencies in core areas of the city should be there to ban new constructions in CBD residential areas after certain threshold..........(the same lobbying we do for attaining VISL or T3. Why not for our wellbeing???)

Even if I'm correct, I may sound foolish.....one may ask who is interested in greenery if he can mint money out of hot land property.......here the govt. turns deaf and dumb (even goes to become the law and order of the town by being blind to such things.........)

So, where will TDF and the likes go or do at this point ???

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