Friday, April 8, 2011

City and its society...........a small case

We can suffice ourselves by comparing with other cities. But, even if we don't have uncontrolled urbanization, we don't have a completely controlled urbanization either. We are lucky that constructions of the likes in Vijayawada (a house of 3-4 floors in 2 cents land!!) that have a population of nearly 1.8-2 million in 2010, are not sprouting up here. As the cities spread horizontally, they need new facilities like parks, green lungs, well maintained water bodies, control of ground water usage, compensative afforestation, etc.....As a point of view, Trivandrum was 140 in 2007. Now it is in area. the population also showed an increase from 7 lakhs to 11lakhs. So, the corresponding implementation of urban infra. was not there....

Anyhow, another point is that with the IT boom occurring in state, many people are finding employment....a good thing to happen....but it should not be IT alone that provides employment in a large scale. All round balancing of society is needed by providing avenues for development in agriculture, electronics, renewable energy, research and development relevant to current societal issues, future technologies, dairy farming, handicraft development, textiles and development, coir based industry, and others that makes up a healthy society.
Unlike other metro cities in India, our cities have a natural gift of conservative development combined with tradition, and linking of past with the future. Unique capability of having villages survive without rapid urbanization is very very important. That's what we have.....So, it is highly necessary to maintain this status forever as the max. population that for example, Trivandrum can hold without stressing on nature is 2.5 million people...... (by 2050) and after wards, it declines and decreases....

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